The Designer

My Situational Style

The gist

Organizations that take a situational approach to personalization design and manage experiences with the complete customer journey in mind – across all channels and touchpoints – to meet the unique needs of each customer in the moment. Personalization tactics are based on specific situations or customer actions, such as a service call in which the agent is empowered with full history and context without needing the customer to repeat details. Situational strategies can be applied on a segmented or individual basis.

What’s in it for you

Situational personalization helps organizations create a more positive, engaging, and unified brand experience for every customer.

How to get started

Organizations must empower cross-functional teams and employees with the insight to recognize situations as they arise, and the flexibility to deliver experiences that meet the rapidly changing needs of their customers.

Key considerations for success

  • Agile and adaptive
  • Empower employees
  • Value-aligned delivery