The Designer

My Path Forward

See your situational style in action

How to achieve this

  • Regularly collect, analyze, and act on employee feedback – in addition to customer feedback – to understand and determine solutions for common situations

  • Ensure all employees, from the front line to the C-suite, have access to relevant and timely customer insights

  • Understand omnichannel journeys that lead to certain situations, and uncover any patterns or anomalies that are causing customer satisfaction / dissatisfaction 

How to up my game

  • Utilize industry-leading, AI-powered text and speech analytics to understand the root cause of repeat situations to determine preventative solutions

  • Leverage Intelligent Summaries to quickly capture and understand interactions, enabling the front line to spend less time on the mundane tasks and more time solving the most critical issues

  • Implement automated workflows and develop orchestration paths that address common situational problems, without needing to rely on human intervention