The Coordinator

Personalization Style: Segmented


Coordinators leverage customer insight – such as business metrics, feedback data, demographical data, channel preferences, etc. – to establish customer segments and prioritize experience strategies that are most impactful to business goals and objectives.

What motivates me

Discovering new ways to group customers and better meet their needs and expectations.

What keeps me up

My obsession to continually identify and refine customer segments, ultimately wanting to personalize experiences on an individual basis.

My best qualities

  • Considerate
  • Critical thinker
  • Dependable

Ways I may personalize experiences

  • Re-engage promoters about a new product
  • Test out a website design with digital-first customers
  • Efficiently route calls based on segment-specific needs

My inspirational quote

“Ants are good citizens, they place group interests first.”

– Clarence Day

So, you’re a coordinator. Now what?