The Coordinator

My Segmented Style

The gist

Organizations that take a segmented approach to personalization create customer groupings based on commonalities – like feedback data, channel preferences, recent purchases, spend frequency, demographics, etc. These unique attributes are then used to determine and coordinate relevant personalization tactics such as tailored messaging or the promotion of products and services. Establishing customer segments enables organizations to broaden and prioritize the strategies that are most impactful to their business goals and objectives.

What’s in it for me

A segmented personalization style helps organizations deliver more relevant and differentiated experiences for high-priority segments, and more data to determine what tactics are and aren’t working. 

How to get started

Organizations should seek to understand customer needs, expectations, and intent to intentionally establish and refine customer segments.

Key considerations for success

  • Intentional cohort design
  • Differentiated experiences by persona
  • Test and learn