Hey again, Coordinator!

Coordinators have a segmented personalization style. They leverage customer insight - e.g. business metrics, feedback data, demographical data, channel preferences, etc. - to establish customer segments and prioritize experience strategies that are most impactful to business goals and objectives.

How to achieve this

  • Use solicited feedback to create segments based on needs that align with your brand strategy (e.g., detractor vs. promoter, lifestyle, loyalty programs, etc.)
  • Combine metadata - e.g., repeat vs. new visitors - with unsolicited feedback and behavioral data to create more nuanced segments 
  • Layer segments together to create more refined customer engagement strategies across functions like marketing and support 

Up your game

  • Utilize industry-leading, AI-powered text and speech analytics to understand key insights applicable to each segment and share those insights organization-wide so the right people can take action at the right time
  • Use in-the-moment feedback collection methods — like AskNow or abandonment surveys — to understand what experiences are behind certain segment categories
  • Optimize customer service experiences with intelligent callback or chat, ensuring customers receive the options most aligned to their preferences

Dive In

To better understand customer sentiments and takeaways to enhance your personalization capabilities, check out our latest research study: Do Personalized Experiences Matter to Your Customers?