Hey again, Collector!

Collectors have a responsive personalization style. They gather as much customer feedback as possible during and following an experience, and use that information to tailor content and communication strategies accordingly.

How to achieve this

  • Capture 100% of interactions – solicited, unsolicited, and behavioral – in a unified platform
  • Integrate closed-loop feedback programs with customer communication preferences, including email, chat, and voice
  • Regularly assess and modify brand engagement strategies based on customer reactions and behaviors

Up your game

  • Aggregate customer feedback and behaviors with Total Experience profiles that summarize key themes and topics across all customers
  • Leverage AI-driven Smart Response emails based on customer interactions with your brand
  • Configure real-time alerts for frontline teams to understand and respond to experiences moments after they occur

Dive In

To better understand customer sentiments and takeaways to enhance your personalization capabilities, check out our latest research study: Do Personalized Experiences Matter to Your Customers?