The Collector

Personalization Style: Responsive


Collectors gather as much customer feedback as possible – solicited, unsolicited, and observed – during and following an experience, and use that information to tailor content and communication strategies accordingly.

What motivates me

When customers know I care and our relationship flourishes.

What keeps me up

Determining whether or not my strategies are the best course of action as they are on an trial-and-error basis.

My best qualities

  • Great Listener
  • Caring
  • Receptive

Ways I may personalize experiences

  • Create recognition programs that deliver relevant rewards
  • Honor customer-led communication preferences 
  • Tailor responses to customer feedback

My inspirational quote

“You can't change how people act, but what you can change is how you react.”

– Bonnie Hammer

So, you’re a collector. Now what?