Hey again, Curator!

Curators have an individualized personalization style. They orchestrate unique, automated, journey-based experiences for every customer – in real time.

How to achieve this

  • Understand customer interactions and behavior in real time – e.g. submitting feedback, filling out a form, browsing your website, or reaching out for support
  • Map out high-priority customer journeys and deploy automated solutions with individualized support (e.g., live chat or intelligent callback)
  • Utilize historical customer data to ensure every future interaction is personalized (e.g., always on their channel of choice)

Up your game

  • Collect omnichannel customer data in a unified platform to understand and further develop the holistic customer-brand relationship
  • Leverage Smart Response AI-driven emails based on specific interactions with your brand
  • Uncover omnichannel patterns and orchestrate intentional, individualized actions

Dive In

To better understand customer sentiments and takeaways to enhance your personalization capabilities, check out our latest research study: Do Personalized Experiences Matter to Your Customers?