February 6

Employees Driving Business Outcomes
Empowering your employees to solve customer problems and drive innovation is key to an organization’s long-term success. Learn how organizations have created continuous and integrated listening programs that enable employees to share obstacles, ideas, and solutions within the flow of work. This heightened engagement, collaboration, and day-to-day decision-making means every employee can have a real impact on how the business operates and delivers on its brand promise. Session topics in this track include:
  • Insights on the latest employee trends and insights from leading industry researchers
  • Customer stories on tapping employee and customer feedback to reduce employee churn
  • Debunking common employee experience program myths
AI for Customer Service
With the right people, processes, and technology in place, it is now possible for organizations with complex challenges to completely transform their contact center experience. By utilizing AI and unlocking agent and customer experience insights, pinpointing service recovery opportunities, and identifying revenue opportunities, contact centers can streamline their operational efficiencies, increase agent retention, and improve customer satisfaction. Session topics in this track include:
  • Customer deep dives into Medallia conversational intelligence and AI for contact centers
  • How to set up agents for success with transparent customer feedback for active QA & coaching
  • The future vision of contact centers, where utilizing high tech for high touch moves programs from reactive to proactive, outbound engagement
Agile Market Research
In today’s rapidly changing world, buyer preferences and the competitive landscape can shift in the blink of an eye. Market research can unlock new customer insights that help shape the future of your brands. Learn how organizations are conducting agile research, interpreting large datasets, and aligning insights with Voice of Customer programs to compile the most accurate and comprehensive market research to inform your customer experience strategy. Sessions in this track include:
  • Aligning your CX and research teams to harness richer brand and market insights — all in one platform
  • How to mix qualitative and quantitative agile research methodologies to deliver accurate and actionable insights, with the help of Medallia’s market research experts
  • Customer deep dives into intelligent dashboards and insights that provide complete visibility into where, how, and why customers spend their time and money
Anticipating Experiences with Analytics & Machine Learning
Today’s leading brands successfully implement text analytics and machine learning to increase efficiency and better understand their customers and employees. This easy-to-use technology taps into insights at every touchpoint, detects emerging trends before they become wide-scale issues, and replaces manual coding of verbatim comments. Sessions in this track include:
  • Medallia deep dive on AI for predicting and automating experiences
  • Customer stories on using machine learning to drive operational change
  • AI-powered speech analytics to automatically surface insights and drive improvements
Automating Digital Journeys
The digital channel is the first and central touchpoint in almost every customer journey, making it the new battleground for acquiring and retaining customers. It’s crucial to create a direct connection with your customers to get insight into the entire digital experience and its importance within the broader omnichannel journey. Learn how to empower your team to understand customer behaviors and intentions, and use that information to curate intuitive, personalized experiences in real time. Sessions in this track will include:
  • Medallia deep dive on real-time digital experience scoring and journey orchestration
  • Customer stories on delivering improved digital and omnichannel experiences
  • Real-world examples for using orchestration to understand journeys and deliver personalized experiences
CX Best Practices
The world’s leading brands know that ownership over the customer experience must extend beyond the CX team’s goals and initiatives. Every employee, from the front line to the board room, must become customer-obsessed and focused on driving action. Learn how to implement the right technology, achieve executive buy-in, and deploy the necessary governance and change management to ensure your brand becomes eternally customer-centric. Sessions in this track will include:
  • Expert advice on building a customer-first mindset across the entire organization
  • Customer stories on successful operational processes and accountability structures
  • Real-world examples of customer experience improvements and innovations


Modernizing Your Employee Experience
The voice of employees is one of the most powerful tools every organization has. Learn how to advance your employee listening strategies by overcoming common misconceptions that may be holding your program back, and how to move towards employee activation, where every employee is empowered to share feedback and take action. Sessions in this track include:
  • Latest employee experience trends from trusted industry analysts
  • Success stories on using self-service survey design & reporting for employee programs
  • Practical approaches to moving beyond the annual employee engagement survey
Humanizing Experiences with AI
For organizations embracing the power of AI automation, some common questions emerge: How do we structure the right automation at the right moments? When should we prioritize human engagement instead of automation? Learn how to evaluate critical questions like this as your CX program evolves to embrace AI automation in areas such as support delivery and designing closed loop strategies across channels and journeys. Sessions in this track will include:
  • Expert advice on expanding your closed loop processes with AI-driven follow-up tailored to the customer’s needs
  • Practical strategies for balancing AI-driven servicing versus 1:1 frontline engagement
  • Customer stories on building empathy and insight with video and conversational intelligence
GPX — Generative, Predictive Experiences
Exceptional customer experiences are seamless, convenient, and personalized to individual preferences. Delivering that vision requires brands to understand the dynamic needs of each customer and to tailor action in the moment, while also keeping operational costs and employee effort to a minimum. Learn how brands are leveraging omnichannel analytics, AI, and orchestration to deliver proactive and personalized engagement. Sessions in this track will include:
  • Medallia deep dive on AI for automating and personalizing experiences in real time
  • Customer stories on improving service experiences and driving sales with journey orchestration
  • Compelling new Medallia research on how personalized experiences affect consumer brand loyalty
Supercharging the Front Line
The heart of your brand will always be your frontline employees. Embedding the right customer-centric behaviors isn’t just about making employees accountable for delivering good experiences, but also enabling them with the coaching, training, and empowerment they need to make it happen. Learn how leading companies are building frontline engagement programs that lead to happier and more productive employees and better customer experiences. Sessions in this track will include:
  • Expert advice on applying tools like mobile apps, recognition, and coaching directly to the front line
  • Customer stories on allowing the front line to drive improvements in the training and in-house tools they use to drive customer experiences
  • Practical real-world examples and ideas for frontline goal-setting and improvement actions
The Accounting of Satisfaction
When looking for executive buy-in for a CX program, one of the primary challenges is proving how customer experiences — good or bad — impact the company’s bottom line. Learn practical, real-world examples that will help you to demonstrate the ROI of your program, align your program with objectives that matter for your business, and prioritize the right customer experience investments. Sessions in this track include:
  • Practical approaches to building value-based proof points and business cases
  • Customer stories highlighting successful ROI and financial linkage projects
  • Linking customer data and business analytics systems to drive revenue growth
Future-Proofing Your CX Strategy
Customer expectations are constantly evolving, and so should your customer experience strategy. Whether you’re looking to listen more holistically to your customers by adding new signals or channels — or you are ready to use AI and automation to personalize every experience — there are practical approaches to building the processes and pathways needed to drive your CX strategy into the future. Learn what you, your team, and your organization needs to do to mature your experience mindset to drive sustained growth. Sessions in this track will include:
  • Latest customer experience trends from the leading industry analyst firm
  • New strategies and metrics for understanding the impact of customer experience
  • Practical real-world examples of embracing the power of AI to evolve customer experience strategies