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Transform experiences and your bottom line with Medallia

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Transform experiences and your bottom line with Medallia

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Build loyalty, not surveys

Elevate your impact by moving from tactical research to a more holistic and strategic approach to experience management. Medallia can help you make the shift from customer research to enterprise experience management with a world-leading platform.

Most experience signals

Leverage modern feedback — video, voice, messaging, and ideas — and pair with traditional insights for a complete understanding of your customers and employees.

Watch how Samsung listens and acts across the entire customer journey every day.

Know what matters most

Leverage best-in-class artificial intelligence and machine learning to make sense of all these signals. Uncover what matters most to your customers and employees with powerful models that are tailor-made for customer experience.

Watch how Best Western uncovers what matters most to its local clientele.

Widespread adoption and real-time action

Drive widespread, immediate action through 
broad access to experience data and insights with personalized reports, dashboards and alerts that enable the right person to take the right action 
in real-time.

Watch how H&R Block activates every employee with Medallia.

Drive meaningful business outcomes with Medallia

Flexible and easy ways to get started


Add to or enhance your current program with a range of Quickstart solutions that are designed for the times.

  • Launch in days
  • No IT required
  • Complementary to existing systems
  • Get individual teams up and running fast
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Leverage the combined learnings of top brands packaged for you.

  • Pre-configured software tailored for your business
  • Streamlined deployment for fast time to value
  • Enablement materials and ongoing support
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With Medallia you can build back better and reinvent your program.

  • Reimagine your program with Medallia
  • Full power of Medallia Experience Cloud
  • Dedicated professional services team
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