Tech Companies Trust Medallia to Drive Growth

Medallia, the leader in Experience Management, is now a part of Thoma Bravo family of companies. Let’s talk about how we can make an immediate impact together.

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Who we are

Medallia helps organizations transform experiences to improve business outcomes. We do this by helping you listen at scale to prospect and customer feedback and embed those insights across your organization to prevent churn, uncover expansion opportunities, and improve product and service satisfaction.

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Empower stakeholders across your business

Act on real-time feedback to drive revenue and innovation

Increase Sales

Empower sales and product teams to exceed the demands of prospects and customers

Prevent Customer Churn

Save accounts before they are at-risk

Reduce Operational Costs

Pinpoint friction points to resolve inefficient processes without sacrificing quality

Enable every seller to be a top performer

Empower sellers with the right data insights to make smarter decisions by quickly prioritizing actions to elevate the experience.

Verizon Enterprise Solutions had a mandate to take a more customer-oriented and tailored approach in the way they manage accounts. Using Medallia they delivered full visibility into the experiences of each group of stakeholders, across all of their accounts. In less than one year and prior to a full team rollout on Medallia, Verizon closed 2,300 new deals that amounted to more than $62M in net new revenue.

- Verizon Enterprise Solutions

IBM now has predictive insight into the 83% of its clients who don’t respond to a survey, allowing the global organization to proactively intervene with those who are at high risk of becoming detractors. 


Retain revenue and drive account expansion

Blend data sources such as support tickets, call and chat logs, meeting/CRM notes alongside a variety of operational data and direct feedback/surveys to create the most robust and comprehensive understanding to maximize account retention and expansion.

Launch products that reflect customers’ needs

Continuous feedback capabilities embedded throughout the customer journey help inform product improvement. Product managers can use our advanced research tools such as video to crowdsource ideas from customers

“The work we have done over the past three years to capture consistent and timely customer feedback data through Medallia has led to product design and process improvements that were not possible before.”

- HP

“Having access to real time feedback allows us to make faster, more intelligent decisions across Anaplan. These decisions can include everything from how we design our platform to how we deliver everyday support.”

- Anaplan

Create exceptional support and implementation experiences

Real-time feedback and alerts enable supervisors to quickly close the loop with customers on outstanding issues.  Advanced machine learning and deep analytics uncover key trends and themes to identify bottlenecks in the implementation process.

Capabilities built for your needs

Broad signal capture

  • Feedback anytime, anywhere
  • Text, voice, video, surveys
  • On-demand video market research

Intelligent platform

  • AI-analysis on structured and unstructured data
  • Cross-channel journey analytics
  • Advanced modeling on churn behavior

Widespread action

  • Role-based insights 
  • Automated tasks and alerts for customer success
  • Idea crowdsourcing

Pre-configured apps to get started 

  • Account management
  • Implementation
  • Support experience