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Medallia is committed to leading the customer experience management (CEM) industry in minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment. As a SaaS-based company, we already have a relatively low environmental impact. Our platform is designed for clustered computing. Put simply, this means we use server resources only when traffic requires, and we can dynamically scale up or down as needed.

In addition, we make it a point to consider environmental consequences across the lifecycles of our products and services. We view environmental impact just as we do our software—as an aspect of business in which we must strive for continuous improvement.

Green IT

We partner with data centers that pursue environmentally sound design and operational excellence. For Medallia’s own corporate IT needs, we use SaaS programs for office tasks such as email and issue tracking, online collaboration, documents, HR, Finance, and Sales applications. The environmental benefits of which are similar to those of our own solution. In addition, our corporate headquarters in San Francisco is LEED silver certified, and our engineering office in San Mateo is LEED platinum certified by the US Green Building Council.

Data Center Hardware Recycling

For the recycling of old hardware, we partner with certified agencies, who follow secure logistics, and extend the productivity and useful life of technology through redeployment, remarketing, employee sale and charitable donation programs. Our recycling partners follow rigorous processes, third-party audits and their own global compliance policies to forward proper material handling and environmental stewardship. They employ secure, responsible no-landfill recycling. Electronic equipment is converted to reusable components or commodity-grade materials for reuse in new products.


We choose office spaces close to public transportation options at all of our global locations. We frequently analyze our employee locations to optimize office locations that minimize commute times and make use of public transportation. We offer incentives for employees to carpool and use public transit. These measures allow many of our employees to commute in a green manner. We have state-of-the-art Audio-Video teleconferencing that allows flexible commute and work options for our employees.

Corporate Recycling, Composting, and Supplies

We have implemented a composting program to complement our existing recycling program. We purchase green and recycled office supplies, provide organic and sustainable food for our employees, and employ a cleaning service that uses green cleaning products.

Computers and Printers

All of our employees use laptop computers, which consume less energy than desktop computers and minimize the need to print paper for meetings. And because printers are available only in a few central locations, we print less frequently.

Office Furniture & Food Supplies

Instead of purchasing all new furniture for our offices, we often select unique pieces from local consignment stores or refurbished or pre-owned items. We provide mostly organic and preservative-free bulk snacks, fresh-brewed local coffees, and refreshments that tie into our buildings water supplies. Additionally, we partner with catering companies that source ingredients locally and from sustainable sources. All of our paper products are compostable and we donate leftover food to local organizations. The majority of our office supplies are made from recycled or recyclable materials, and we hire cleaning companies that focus on using environmentally friendly cleaning products.