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Medallia for
The Public Sector

Improve government services and the citizen experience

Understand every experience and know which steps to take next in one platform.

Understanding your customers is just the beginning. Breakthroughs happen when sentiments are linked to operational data and displayed in a way where you know what’s significant and how to act on it. This means less time on the platform and more time to delight your stakeholders, empower your employees, and reduce your cost-to-serve.

Uniquely Qualified to Support the Public Sector

Medallia operates in the world’s most regulated industries, and therefore maintains unparalleled security standards our space, boasting a platform which is FedRAMP Ready, SOC 2 compliant and ISO 27001 certified. In addition, Medallia has been named as a leader in both current offering and strategy by Forrester Research, a leading global research and advisory firm.

Solutions for Every Sector

Customer experience impacts every aspect of government, from Civilian agencies to Defense and Health sectors, both at the Federal and State and Local levels. Regardless of how you serve citizens and where you are on your customer experience journey, Medallia offers technology to support your mission.

Drive Digital Transformation

Continually optimize online government services by collecting real-time feedback from citizens across web, mobile, and in-app experiences and uncovering deep insights through the use of advanced reporting and text analytics.

Engage Civil Servants

Improve productivity, morale and efficiencies by providing employees an ongoing, confidential mechanism to share feedback and ideas on how to improve the organization

Out-of-the-Box Packages to Get Started Quickly

Medallia has developed ready-made product packages to help High-Impact Service Providers and others rapidly achieve regulatory compliance and shift your focus to what really matters, driving change and business impact.


VA Experiments with Real-Time Dashboard of Vet's Feedback

Learn how Medallia is helping the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs improve its responsiveness through real-time feedback dashboards.

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"We now do what many good businesses do: a just-in-time survey on the day of service to find out if there are problems or not. We are now learning real time."

The Honorable David J. Shulkin, MD
Former Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, March 21, 2018

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs relies on Medallia for better, more responsive service

Key Features

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