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Using Design Thinking to Create Great Customer Experiences

We’ve all had those experiences where everything just seemed to click into place. Where, as a customer, it felt almost… effortless. Of course, creating such experiences takes a lot of work.

In fact, it can be hard to even know where to start.

There’s one approach to creating such experiences that’s being increasingly relied upon, however: design thinking. It is perfectly suited for creating great customer experiences: it helps frame problems, ensures that you’re asking the right questions, is a catalyst for getting more ideas out there, and then ensures that the best approach is chosen.

Hear from a leader in the field of design thinking — Wendy Castleman. Wendy is an Innovation Catalyst Leader at Intuit, a company renowned for its use of design thinking. In the recording, Wendy will discuss how to leverage design thinking in order to build great customer experiences — the ones that just seem to click into place.

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