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Transform your Business through Customer Insight

Imagine a business where every decision is informed by real-time customer insight.

Stefan Schmelcher, Global Head of Customer Experience, TNS
Michelle de Haaff, Vice President of Marketing, Medallia

Truly customer-centric businesses have a sustained and powerful competitive advantage: they know the customer touchpoints that matter to their success, and they are able to align every aspect of their operations to deliver against these priorities.

The problem is that most businesses are a long way from this. They may have strategic customer insight; they may have tools to capture customer feedback; but they have no way of connecting the two and channelling the voice of the customer to their frontline employees in daily business. As a result, they cannot respond to customer issues at the speed that is necessary. So, even satisfied customers defect.

During our live webcast on 15 July, Stefan Schmelcher, Global Head of Customer Experience at TNS, and Michelle de Haaff, Vice President of Marketing at Medallia, revealed a unique new approach to transformational Customer Experience Management that helps refocus entire businesses around the customer experience.

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