The Science Behind the Digital Experience Score (DXS®)

In today's market, providing the best customer experience makes or breaks the business. Savvy organizations have recognized this and made the online customer experience a core strategic imperative - creating internal teams and critical KPIs directly aligned to CX performance to drive growth for their company.

The benefits for those organizations that deliver a consistently strong customer experience across all channels (web, mobile and app) are immense. Customers who receive a great online experience are 2x more likely to purchase, buy 90% more frequently, spend 60% more per purchase and are 4x more likely to refer the brand.

Learn how to use Medallia's Digital Experience Score (DXS®), the world's first objective, science-driven, universal metric, to quantify the customer experience across website and apps. Founded in data science and powered by machine learning, Medallia's proprietary algorithms process hundreds of smart digital interactions to measure and quantify online customer experience on a scale of 0-10. Digital teams rely on DXS to prioritize optimization efforts, benchmark performance, and measure success.