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3 Steps to People-Centricity: How Your CU Can Deeply Engage with Members, Potential Members, and Employees

In a digitally interconnected world, Credit Unions need to deeply engage with the communities they serve and create a dialogue that goes beyond transactions. 

In this webcast, Rob Maretsky will walk you through the steps Partners Federal Credit Union has and is currently taking to build a comprehensive experience program that increases engagement with members, their families, and employees (Walt Disney Cast members). 

Step 1: Validate the voice of the customer by closing the loop

Step 2: Unite cross-functional teams to reduce friction and increase efficiency & satisfaction

Step 3: Empower and enable employees to build meaningful connections with customers & prospects

Join this webcast to:

  • Understand how linking customer and employee experience nurtures lasting relationships
  • Learn how to leverage technology to drive continuous improvement of your customer & employee experiences
  • Generate ideas to create a culture of customer-centric innovation


Rob Maretsky, MBA, CSPO, CSM
VP – Digital Services at Partners Federal Credit Union

Lauren Leland Brand
Director, Solutions Consulting – Financial Services and Healthcare, Medallia