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Spring 2019 Release

Medallia’s Spring ’19 Experience Cloud Release brings exciting enhancements and new features that drive Experience Management innovation, user empowerment, and unlock accelerated time-to-value.

Analysts are the primary resource for acting on insights from experience data. For analysts, conducting ad hoc investigations, finding answers rapidly, synthesizing disparate data sources, and demonstrating trends are daily activities. This release introduces new visualizations, robust analytics tools, and flexible third-party integrations that enable powerful and simple analysis use cases to help analysts get their work done better, faster.

Experience Management programs need to fit diverse business & market requirements. As a result, Admins need levels of control and flexibility that fit exactly the needs of their initiatives and their business units. We built new features that allow for more dynamic platform administration, faster change management, and more flexible control structure.

This release also includes cool new features that will allow you to more comprehensively understand and orchestrate the experiences that power your business.