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Retail Webinar Pt. 3: Non-Buyer and In-the-Moment Feedback Through Mobile

For businesses with in-store customer feedback programs, the holy grail is feedback from non-buyers. Traditional survey approaches capture feedback after purchase transactions, but retailers can now use geo-proximity technology and mobile devices to learn from shoppers who don’t make a purchase.

In this webinar, we will:
• Review retailers’ current data collection approaches
• Examine recent experiments, both failed and successful, to capture in-the-moment retail feedback
• Evaluate which experiments are working and which need further development
• Provide approaches for retailers to connect with and learn from non-buying customers

This is the third Medallia webinar in a series designed to help retailers better engage with their customers, make continuous improvements to the customer experience, and, ultimately, deliver a true omni-channel brand experience—from the customer’s perspective. We hope you can join us!

Speakers Include:
Russ Haswell, VP of Retail
Dan Wilson, Lead Product Manager
Jon Sockell, Sr. Product Marketing Manager