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Medallia for SaaS Companies

Great Experiences Transform Users into Loyal, Brand-Advocates

To thrive in today’s market, SaaS companies must deliver experiences that earn customer loyalty- every day across stakeholders. But due to the scale and diversity of accounts that SaaS companies serve, identifying where to focus resources within the customer journey to return the greatest customer impact is especially difficult. From the initial buying process to daily services, B2B SaaS companies must meet the needs of multiple stakeholders across multiple departments. This can make evaluating and optimizing experiences across the customer lifecycle difficult.

As recurring revenue is a key factor for most successful B2B SaaS companies, there can be a great deal of  focus on driving retention through great experiences. Medallia enables B2B SaaS companies to quickly empower their teams with customer insights that can foster innovation, improve productivity and turn users into loyal, brand-champions.