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Managing the Member Experience: How Fitness Companies Can Build Loyalty Beyond the Annual Renewal

How do you measure and manage loyalty beyond just focusing on annual renewals? How do you gather the right information and use it to drive continuous improvements in your operation? How do you engage your members to transform them into advocates?

Join us for a webinar that answers these questions and more. Our speakers are Medallia experts who have worked with the world’s leading brands across industries, and who have tested and proven these concepts in the fitness environment over the last seven years. We will discuss how these solutions scale whether you have one club or 1,000.

During the webinar, we will:
• Discuss best practices in measuring and managing loyalty and in driving more predictability in renewals
• Examine how CEM engages all employees with an organization’s customer experience objectives
• Cover how focusing on loyalty can drive deeper engagement with both employees and members
• Discuss the clear actions that your frontline teams can take to improve the member experience, build loyalty, and drive profits