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Innovation at Scale Turning Size into an Advantage for Customer Experience Innovation

To succeed and remain competitive, businesses must be able to anticipate and adapt to the changing wants and needs of their customers. In short, they must be able to innovate.

But large, established organizations often struggle to keep up with the pace of innovation set by smaller, more nimble competitors. What many of these companies fail to realize is that their size and reach can actually accelerate innovation rather than inhibiting it. This report discusses how large, complex organizations, leveraging customer experience management practices and technology, can harness the benefits of scale—identifying more opportunities, testing more ideas, and accelerating learning and innovation across the organization. Specifically, the report features:

  • Overview of why innovation is critical to customer experience management
  • Research on drivers and obstacles to innovation.
  • Lessons from large companies that innovate nimbly.
  • Practices any company can use to foster agile experimentation and learning across their entire customer-facing organization.