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The Forest for the Trees: McKinsey on The Importance of Managing the Entire Customer Experience

Companies have long recognized the importance of the experience they deliver at individual touchpoints. But in that very specific focus, they can lose sight of the broader picture: that of the entire customer journey.

Ewan Duncan and Kevin Neher, two of McKinsey & Co’s leads in the Customer Experience space, are experts on this — they recently published a Harvard Business Review article on the topic. Join them in this webinar recording to learn how companies are mastering the journey-based approach to customer experience, and what leading edge research reveals around the impact of this transformation.

This will include:

  • The impact of focusing on cumulative experiences across multiple touchpoints and in multiple channels over time, rather than singular touchpoints,
  • How to identify and analyze the customer journeys that matter
  • How to embed customer journeys into a business’s operating model, and
  • How to rewire a company around customers.

The webinar is on-demand: simply fill out the form to view!