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Exploring the Retail Bank of the Future With Bain & Company’s Mark Schofield

The way people bank is changing. And it’s changing fast.

Navigating the shift is no easy task. Not only do banks need to transition their branch-based sales and service model to the new world, but they simultaneously need to deliver experiences that delight their customers through the right combination of personal service and mobile access.

So: how do you do it?

Hear from special guest Mark Schofield, a partner in Bain & Company’s Financial Services practice, and explore how to drive transformation in the retail banking business — by bringing great experiences to your customers. Topics include:

  • Creating a differentiated customer experience, with a particular emphasis on mobile;
  • Building new distribution models to serve digitally savvy consumers;
  • Minimizing investments that don’t contribute to success; and
  • Speeding up innovation and change.

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