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Engage Your Sales Force in Improving the Customer Experience

How can your sales organization increase revenue and loyalty? Use customer feedback to know who is at risk, who might be a good target for a new offering, and what customers think about your products and services. In the Business to Business (B2B) world, customers interact with all parts of your organization: sales, support, distribution, and even finance and legal. Yet Account Managers don’t always have a view of what customers think, or a sense of whether those interactions are going well or going wrong.

Join special guest Steve Bernstein from the Waypoint Group, along with Medallia’s Sam Keninger, for an engaging webinar that discusses how your Key Account Management teams can gain real visibility to customer feedback and, more importantly, can take action to grow account relationships and increase loyalty. During this webinar, we will discuss real customer case studies and will show how you can:

  • Gain customer experience adoption and buy-in among sales professionals
  • Drive real actions to the sales team to increase sales and ensure that important customers grow
  • See how Medallia equips sales with the tools necessary to make engagement easy, accessible, and addictive