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Delight or Dismay – What Customer Experience are you Delivering in a Fragmented Digital World?

In a world where customers are able to interact and engage with companies across a multitude of channels, effectively understanding and acting on those signals becomes an ever increasing challenge. In this webinar hosted by CX Network, we will explore the importance of not only understanding the challenges faced in the experience management landscape but explore different methods companies are using to adapt and deliver experiences that are tailored to their customer’s needs.

Join Medallia’s Mike Debnar, Solutions Principal, Retail & Innovation and Michael Mallett, Solutions Principal, Customer & Digital Experience General Manager for a webinar to:

  • Discover how digital customer engagement is ever-evolving, and what is required to adapt to shifting customer preferences.
  • Find out how companies are adapting their programs and technology to deliver experiences to customers based on their needs, not those of the business.
  • Learn how to evaluate your ability to delight customers based on how other companies are achieving this by leveraging experience management technology.