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Bias for Action: The Transformational Journey of Farmers Insurance to Customer-Centricity

In any industry characterized by stiff competition and high customer churn, the most successful companies are the ones who can distinguish themselves on more than just price. To do this in the insurance space, many companies have built brand promises on reliability.

But just as important as making a promise — keeping a promise.

The question then becomes: how do you ensure that every experience you deliver to your customers is aligned with what you’ve promised them?

Well, this is what Farmers Insurance has managed to achieve. As part of its transformational journey, Farmers has driven customer-centricity throughout its organization — with a multi-pronged approach that leverages customer, agent, and employee feedback.

In this webinar recording, Thomas Quill, Director of Consumer Research for Farmers Insurance, will share details from his company’s journey. Among other topics, he’ll discuss how the 87-year-old insurance company is driving organization-wide customer focus using:

  • Multi-channel insights
  • Native text analytics
  • Mobile enablement
  • Real-time functionality
  • Agent and Employee insights