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5 CX Predictions for 2019

It’s 2019. Customer expectations are rising, which means it’s time to focus on building an experience-centric engine within your business, one that engages both your customers and employees at a pace that meets their expectations.

To help accelerate your experience management strategy in 2019, we’ve made 5 predictions for what will set your business apart and ultimately help your company move at the speed of experience.

  1. CX + EX will lead to unrivaled experiences
  2. AI-powered experiences will predict the next best action, not just insights
  3. Experiences will be rewritten in real-time
  4. Businesses will align around customer journeys
  5. Experience innovation will be crowd-sourced at scale

In this webinar recording, Noah Rolff Director of Customer Marketing at Medallia, will explain each prediction and what’s coming next for the experience space.