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Medallia Experience

Data Platform

An Experience Footprint of Everyone

“When most companies focus on customer experience they think about touchpoints. But this siloed focus on individual touchpoints misses the bigger and more important picture: the customer’s end-to-end experience."

'From touchpoints to journeys: Seeing the world as customers do', from McKinsey’s Marketing & Sales Insights


Medallia Experience Data Platform

See how Experience Profiles and Journey Analytics play an integral role in Medallia’s product vision.

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Medallia Experience Data Platform brings customer feedback together with additional cross-channel signals so companies can understand the customer journey – across millions of customers and for each individual. Armed with these insights, organizations can take action to meaningfully impact the experiences they deliver.


Experience Profiles

Personalize experiences at scale with 360-degree customer, account, and employee profiles that combine feedback, event, action, operational, and machine data. Experience profiles connect the dots across channels to create a rich timeline for every customer – including non-responders.

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Journey Analytics

Investigate and analyze experiences along any journey by segment, touchpoint and channel to identify points of friction and opportunities for improvement. Uncover customer segments and the moments that matter to them with behavioral journey-based insights.

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