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Medallia Experience

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An Experience Footprint of Everyone

“Businesses need to evolve their definition of personalization – from tactical segmentation, to strategic individualization."

Transform Your Personalization Strategy At Forrester’s Consumer Marketing Forum, a March 2019 Forrester blog post by VP, Principal Analyst Brendan Witcher


Medallia Experience Profiles

Learn how Medallia helps companies personalize experiences with a comprehensive view of every customer, account, and employee’s journey.

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People want an experience that is personalized to them. With Experience Data Platform, companies gain a complete view of every customer, account, and employee journey, empowering them to anticipate needs and deliver experiences that are timely, relevant, and most of all, memorable.

Complete Experience Profiles

Personalize experiences at scale with 360-degree customer, account, and employee profiles that combine feedback, event, action, operational, and machine data.

Experience-Based Segmentation

Group customers, accounts, and employees by common behaviors, experiences and other attributes to uncover trends and identify priority segments. Leverage those who have provided feedback to ignite your understanding of the silent majority.

Journey Optimization

Investigate and analyze experiences along any journey by segment, touchpoint and channel to identify points of friction and opportunities for improvement. Uncover moments of truth with journey-centric dashboards and metrics.

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