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Supercharge insights with the best in class predictive engine to improve loyalty, increase satisfaction and drive growth.

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Medallia Athena applies artificial intelligence to uncover hidden meanings in vast amounts of customer experience information and determine the right action for each touchpoint and journey.


Intelligent Customer Experience: Integrating Human and Artificial Intelligence to Improve Business Results

Three ways leading companies are using AI to improve the customer experience.

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The Smartest Way To Do CX

With Medallia Athena’s artificial intelligence you understand what really matters, who needs attention, and what you can do to have the biggest impact on your bottom line.


Built for Action

Combines human and machine intelligence to discover and recommend high value actions and focus employee attention where it matters most.


Predictive Insights

Uses data science to assess customer satisfaction and loyalty for every customer, even for those not providing feedback.

always improving

Always Improving

Machine learning capabilities continually adapt and improve based on new feedback, associated customer data and usage patterns.

What Medallia Athena Can Do For You

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