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Medallia x USA Rugby

Supporting pure athleticism, diversity, and inclusion in sport

#EaglesUnited for the goal

    USA Rugby captures everything that’s great about sports:

    Teamwork. Pure athleticism. Resilience. The thrill of competition on an international stage. Diversity and inclusion. And a really devoted fan base.

    USA Rugby is a rising powerhouse, and Medallia is proud to sponsor both the women’s and men’s U.S. national teams.

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Official Experience Partner of USA Rugby

    USA Rugby moves fast. Medallia is here to help turn those moments into momentum that keeps going long after the final whistle.

    Medallia x USA Rugby brings fans closer to the action and highlights much more than the win/loss column. We’re here to elevate our shared values of sustainability, progress, diversity and inclusion in sports. That’s always a win in our book.

    With the help of Medallia’s LivingLens, USA Rugby can utilize technology to enable constant feedback to optimize and drive exceptional performance.

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Pure Sport

    We’re all about fostering incredible experiences, and it’s hard to match the thrill of rugby. This fast-paced sport is an international sensation for good reason. It’s gaining traction in the United States, and we’re proud to be along for the ride.

USA-Womens-Eagle-Barbarians-Rugby-Infinity-Park_SM2_6190 USA-Womens-Eagle-Barbarians-Rugby-Infinity-Park_SM2_6190