Product Training Badges

AM Sessions: Monday, February 5 8:30am - noon

Digital Configuration Specialist Training $250
With Medallia Digital Feedback, you can capture feedback through your various digital channels. Explore Medallia Digital Feedback products and learn how to configure survey forms, display them to the appropriate customers, and view the survey responses. Complete the final exam to earn the Medallia Digital Feedback Configuration Specialist badge.
Text Analytics Insights Training $250
Are you part of an Insights team needing to understand how Text Analytics (TA) can help you uncover trends, root causes, and impacts from your unstructured data? Explore this learning path to get to know Text Analytics and understand how to gather insights. Complete an exam to earn the Text Analytics Insights Practitioner badge.

PM Sessions: Monday, February 5 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Experience Orchestration Practitioner Training $250

Begin your Medallia Experience Orchestration (MXO) journey with this learning path, and learn how the MXO platform can enhance customer engagement for your brand. MXO is a unifying technology layer that listens, understands, and orchestrates customer journeys to enhance engagement over time. The technology uses

AI-based models to orchestrate relevant and timely individualized content for customers across all channels and touchpoints where a customer may choose to interact with a brand. Learn how the MXO platform can enhance customer engagement for your brand. Complete the final exam to earn the Medallia Experience Orchestration Practitioner badge.

Reporting Design Practitioner Training $250
When designed well, Medallia Experience Cloud (MEC) reporting offers a powerful way to deliver actionable feedback to drive insights and derive actions for your users. When you are creating your reports, it is vital to apply design techniques and strategies to create useful and usable reports. Explore best practices related to reporting design and apply UI/UX design principles to your MEC reports. Complete the final exam to earn the Reporting Design Practitioner badge.

Administrator Certification

Monday, February 5 8:30am - 5:00pm

Online Pre-Conference and In-Person $1500

The Customer Admin Certification is a three-part program that involves online self-paced learning, an immersion workshop, and a certification exam focused on Medallia Admin Suite functionality and leading CX design principles. The blended learning immersion workshop will challenge you with real-life simulation exercises mimicking expected Medallia admin tasks. The online exam will test your training and experiences to certify you as a Medallia Admin. Passing the exam will earn you an online certification, backed by Credly, that will bolster your resume as a differentiated expert in the experience industry.

The Admin Certification covers fundamental Admin Suite features, such as survey, user, and reporting management. In addition, the program and exam feature program design best practices.

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