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We surveyed over 8,000 consumers in four countries to find out why experiences matter more than brand promise.

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The CX Tipping Point

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In today’s battleground for Customer Experience (CX) we have crossed the tipping point. To help better understand how to win in CX, Medallia partnered with Ipsos to conduct a survey of 8,002 consumers in four countries across six industry sectors: online retail, offline retail, banks, insurance, hotels, and mobile network providers. The study reveals that experiences matter more than ever and have even become more important than brand reputation.

Experiences matter more than brand reputation

Watch this video to learn why business is being built and broken through customer experience.

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Explore highlights and key stats from the study.

Global Infographic

  • Find out how many customers choose products and services based on their experience
  • See customer expectations of service by market
  • Understand why consumers will avoid a brand
  • Learn what actions customers will take after a great experience

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US Infographic

View the places CX outpaces expectations and increases loyalty in the U.S.

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UK Infographic

See who meets, exceeds or fails UK customer expectations.

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Germany Infographic

Who’s impressing German customers when it comes to expectations?

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France Infographic

What does better CX do to French customer expectations?

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