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The Challenge
Western Union has a robust operational Customer Experience Program with Medallia Experience Cloud, which is live in 50 countries and 20 languages. The company listens to their customers every day, by engaging with them after transactions, which trigger surveys, and after interactions with Customer Support.

However, Western Union didn’t know which customers were visiting the Agent Locator, a critical self service tool, helping customers find locations and deflecting calls from customers support, and the primary reasons why. Senders and receivers have very different needs, and the company needed to know which type of customers were visiting, to present them with the best experience.

The Solution
In order to find out, Western Union added an Intercept Survey to ask why the customer was there, and conditioned the survey to ask relevant follow up questions based on the answer. This way they could quickly and accurately find out what else the customers were looking for, and how else they could be  helped. Behind the scenes, Western Union used Medallia for Digital’s self–serve platform to configure the surveys accordingly.

This ongoing, contextual and relevant engagement approach allows Western Union to successfully prioritise future development features on the Agent Locator and build tools that their customers actually want, not just what Western Union thinks they want.

In the first 6 months, Western Union received over 110,000 responses, made dozens of improvements throughout the site and saw a positive trend in overall customer satisfaction. 

Medallia for Digital easily enables all stakeholders to take part in the digital program, and take action on feedback quickly and easily.

The Results
Western Union has already seen the benefits and results in various departments across the whole organization:

  • Digital Site Health Team: Able to quickly identify and fix error messages and confusing processes faster than they ever have
  • Customer Care: Identify self service opportunities
  • Product Managers: Measure customer feedback on existing processes
  • Product Development: Targeting customers to ask about relevant product expansions, and about new services for specific markets
  • Marketing: Ad Hoc studies to support research for new campaigns

Medallia for Digital has enabled Western Union to include digital exploration as part of their customer journey. The ability to engage with customers across digital channels adds critical input to the company’s CX program, and helps influence digital strategy and improve the overall customer experience.

Source: Case Study, Western Union: Making Customer Centricity a Necessity

David Thompson Chief Technology Officer Western Union

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