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Vodafone Group plc delivers telecommunications services across Africa, Asia, Europe, and Oceania, and operates amid all the regulatory and market complexity this entails. Listening and managing the customer experience in such a vast global organization is no easy task. Vodafone sought to be both nimble and adaptable in each of its distinct markets, as well as consistent and insightful at the aggregate, global level. To accomplish this, Vodafone partnered with Medallia In 2015 to build an experience management focus, both market-specific and globally unified.


Vodafone challenged Medallia to roll out its experience management program, known internally as “Heartbeat”, to 20 distinct markets and two lines of business in just one year. Medallia delivered. The program now solicits over 90,000 pieces of customer feedback per day from around the world… one piece of feedback per second, a heartbeat of the company. Vodafone Heartbeat is the most used platform across all of Vodafone’s more than 100,000 employees. In 2017, Vodafone moved its digital experience management to Medallia Digital, and currently 18 markets use the digital tool’s self-service capabilities to run multiple surveys at any time.


Vodafone has seen a proliferation in uses and impacts from the Medallia Heartbeat system in markets around the world. Some market-specific successes include:

  • The Czech Republic drove a 4 point reduction in customer churn through their daily use of Medallia 
  • Germany learned from customer feedback that keeping the same account managers on accounts drives retention
  • Spain created €2 million in cost savings by improving how and when customers should be contacted 

Medallia’s aggregated customer feedback is embedded in Vodafone’s DNA. Individual markets adapt to unique dynamics and regulatory environments. At the same time, Vodafone’s vast global federation of business units are united by excellent customer experience, understood and acted upon at global scale.

Andy Ross Senior Contact Prediction and NPS Lead Vodafone

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