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Listening on the go and turning churn into retention


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The Challenge
Faced with growing customer churn and shrinking market share, Beeline faced an emergency. One of the largest telecoms in Russia, Beeline needed to change quickly, or its competitive edge would evaporate—fast.

The Solution
Beeline’s executives took a radical approach: they decided to differentiate—and thus win the market—through customer experience. Realizing that detractors churn twice as much as promoters, Beeline decided to focus on retention and loyalty, instead of only acquisition. In fact Beeline was one of the first Russian companies to implement an NPS program—innovative for a company in a post-Soviet nation, where a focus on customer experience is not an expected part of business.

To enable customer-centricity, Beeline needed the infrastructure to listen to all of its customers across the entire business and empower the whole organization with actionable customer data.

With Medallia, Beeline listens to customers everywhere they are and after every interaction.  The program is:

  • Multi-channel, capturing feedback about the call center, retail stores, network usage, and plan experiences.
  • Real time, sending SMS surveys within 15 minutes of customer transactions across all channels. This has boosted response rates by over 10x.
  • Highly targeted, delivering customized customer insights to the right people at all levels of the organization, from the C-suite to the frontline.
  • Closed-loop enabled, as frontline managers act on employee performance feedback, and the Closed Loop team, consisting of the highest-performing agents, handle product feedback.

Customer-driven improvement: The Kaizen Philosophy
To drive continuous operational improvement, Beeline categorizes customer issues into more than 50 different root causes, and then maps all customer issues to specific touchpoints across the customer journey, including retail, marketing, contact center, website, and more. Beeline then determines which issues have the most complaints.

Every month, executives review the customer Kaizen map and decide where to improve next. This has empowered executives to stop making decisions based on assumptions. Now they drive change using precise customer data.

“The Kaizen method is what customer experience is all about,” says Liuba Sabinina, Head of CE analytics and NPS Program Manager at Beeline. “Only when we looked through the customers’ eyes could we find hidden issues, break down organizational silos, and change processes to heal the pain of our customers.”

Innovative network improvements
Beeline improves its network based on customer feedback. The company asks customers to identify locations in which they are most dissatisfied with the coverage. The CX team then displays these “hot spots” on a map and can see the areas impacting experiences the most.

After analyzing the results, Beeline prioritizes which areas to improve based on CX metrics. After network issues in these areas have been fixed, Beeline sends an SMS asking if customers notice the improvements. On average, more than half answer “yes.”

By closing the loop via SMS, Beeline is actively transforming its reputation into a company that is proactively improving by anticipating customer needs

Learning to say ‘Net Promoter Score’ in Russian
Employees now consider the Net Promoter Score, or Наш Показатель Сервиса, a critical metric throughout the company. Beeline’s CEO writes weekly emails celebrating NPS heroes

across the company. The company recently tested all 25,000 employees on their NPS metric knowledge, and those who passed received a heart-shaped pin branded in Beeline’s colors—a symbol of Beeline’s customer-centric culture.

Source: Case Study, Turning Churn into Retention: How Beeline Is Winning the Market Through Customer Experience

Mikhail Slobodin CEO Beeline

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