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Listening to the customer's wants, needs, and desires pays off


Transactions surveyed


Surveys taken on mobile


Decrease in detractors

12 %

How has a relatively new company—built in just 2004—become a customer-centric leader? The answer: by using customer feedback as a guide for improvement. Within the first year of using Medallia to monitor and improve experiences, Tory Burch has reduced detractors by 12% and decreased the spread in NPS points across all stores by 15 NPS points, thereby delivering consistent transformational experiences across the globe.

The company solicits feedback after every single transaction and across all 72 stores in North America, Europe, and Asia, in 12 languages. All levels of the organization can easily review and slice & dice customer data with a focus on learning in order to reinforce the positive and improve where needed.

“The whole company benefits from this information—from General Managers and Assistant General Managers to Regional Managers and Corporate” says Marcotte. “There’s so much information we get about different facets of the business, from product to service to pricing, and more.”

Insights in the field and in corporate

Customer feedback data provides Tory Burch with insights that link not only to a customer’s experience, but also to business results. For example, through customer feedback, the company found that customers who visit for a scheduled appointment have higher NPS results and a higher spend than customers who do not. This insight has helped to reinforce the important of appointments as part of a great customer experience.

Mobile-optimized surveys

With Medallia mobile-optimized surveys, Tory Burch is able to collect feedback from the more technically and digitally-savvy customer base. And with over 65% of surveys completed by customers on mobile

Source: Case Study, Creating Transformational Experiences through Customer Feedback

Matt Marcotte SVP Global Retail Tory Burch

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