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How Medallia empowers Heartland to increase merchant retention


Transactions per day

11 million

Annual transaction value

$80 billion

Merchant retention increase


Heartland’s customers range from start-up entrepreneurs to some of the largest and most well-established enterprises in the US. These prized customers need more than just innovative Heartland solutions and security for payments processing, they need a top-notch customer experience as well. Heartland, a division of Global Payments, has successfully achieved a substantial increase in merchant retention demonstrating our ability to provide service and support that is unmatched in our industry. With the help of Medallia’s customer-driven technology, Heartland is continuing its commitment to building lasting partnerships.

Heartland first selected Medallia in September 2014 as part of our company-wide initiative to become a more customer-centric business.  Almost immediately, from the first implementation of a post-interaction survey, it became clear that Heartland’s merchants appreciated the opportunity to provide both positive and constructive feedback. Today we use Medallia not just to provide visibility into our business operations but also to refine the experience of our onboarding process for new merchants and gain insights from customers along the way.

After three successful years of positive results, we are continuing to expand the impact and breadth of the program throughout our organization. Coupled with a business commitment to make operational changes, this program has helped to achieve nearly a 50% improvement in merchant retention, yielding positive revenue growth and true business impact.

Source: Medallia Blog, How Medallia Empowers Heartland to Increase Merchant Retention

Kent Cissell SVP Sales Ops Heartland Payment Systems

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