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“Low Fares Done Right” with Medallia for Digital

Frontier Airlines

Decrease in negative feedback


Customers enabled to self-service


Self-serve webpage monthly visits


The Challenge

Frontier is focused on delivering a great customer experience, but realized they did not have good enough insight into how their customers felt about their website. They wanted to make sure they offer an informative and user-friendly experience as possible to all their online visitors.

The Solution

Frontier easily implemented the Medallia for Digital Voice of Customer solution throughout, and was up and running within a couple of weeks. Using Medallia for Digital’s Best Practices methodology, Frontier’s first move was to add an Always On feedback button to their website. This encourages visitors to give their opinions and feedback at any time; allowing Frontier to uncover the unknown unknowns— the issues they didn’t know bothered their users.

Immediately, Frontier started to receive hundreds of responses and one subject that kept appearing in the comments was ‘luggage’.  Frontier then used an Intercept Survey to target relevant users to get more specific feedback, and the ensuing feedback data revealed that over 30% of customers did not know how to purchase luggage post booking.

This feedback was very surprising to Frontier Airlines, as until now they had no idea that their purchase luggage sales flow was not clear to their users, resulting in a negative experience with their online user journey. Based on their customers’ feedback, Frontier reacted quickly, and created a ‘How to Buy Bags’ webpage on the main navigation. Today, over 200,000 visitors per month visit this page (representing 20% of people who regularly come to make additions to their itinerary).

After optimizing their website, feedback data regarding luggage decreased from 10% of all web feedback collected to a total of 3% (representing a 70% decline). Furthermore, Frontier’s call center reported a significant reduction in calls regarding luggage issues; an outcome which correlates with the findings of the Voice of Customer feedback analysis.

Source: Case Study, “Low Fares Done Right” with Medallia for Digital

Jessica Smith Digital Marketing Strategy Manager Frontier Airlines

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