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Refreshed experience strategy delivers real time insights from 6,000 users

Electrolux Refrigerator

Global markets


Products sold per year

>60 million

Responses in first month


The Challenge

Electrolux North America (NA) planned to redesign one of their brand websites — — and realized it would be beneficial to find out as much data as possible about their online visitors and how they use the existing website, in order to help shape the content and structure of the new site.

Electrolux NA realized they needed an advanced Digital Voice of Customer solution that could provide flexibility and the ability to target visitors at the right time with the right questions, and be able to analyze the data and get insights in real time.

The Solution

Using Medallia for Digital, the company quickly rolled out an Intercept Survey to better know their users and were surprised by the answers they received. Only 18% of visitors were prepurchase users, while 80% turned out postpurchase users. The company then drilled down even deeper by targeting the post-purchase personas asking users if they found everything they were looking for — and the answer was surprising again. Electrolux NA discovered that the owners were primarily looking for information about three things: parts, accessories and troubleshooting, and they had difficulty finding information about all three.

With these new insights, Electrolux NA could make the necessary changes to optimize their site for their users.

The Results

By leveraging Medallia for Digital, Electrolux NA found out exactly who was using their Frigidaire site — which percentage were pre-purchase and which were post-purchase visitors. In their first month using Medallia for Digital, the company received over 6,000 feedback responses. Moreover, they were able to find out the main reasons each of these groups were visiting their site. By leveraging Medallia for Digital, Electrolux NA found out exactly:

  • Who the personas are visiting and the breakdown of the audience
  • The main reasons each of these segments were visiting the site
  • Valuable feedback about their users’ online customer experience

Source: Medallia, Frigidaire Finds Out Who Their REAL Online Shoppers Are

Denise Dobyns Senior Manager of CRM Electrolux, North America

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