CVS Health Harnesses the Power of Closed-Loop Feedback to Humanize Customer Experiences

"Customer feedback is a mirror held up to a company. If you are willing to look, your customers will show you your inefficiencies and opportunities. Being willing to listen and, even more, act on feedback can be challenging. The best organizations in the world accept that challenge. At CVS Health, closing the loop is a critical part of that process. We have to be willing to not only listen to our customers but engage with them directly to learn and get better."

Srikant Narasimhan,

VP of Enterprise Customer Experience at CVS Health

CVS Health embarked upon an ambitious, enterprise-wide journey: to use closed-loop feedback (CLF) to engage with their customers, making them feel seen, heard, and valued. This quest to deliver more human-centered, personalized experiences required the CVS Health team to continuously listen to their customers at key points along their journey. They utilized Medallia’s state-of-the-art platform to close the loop on consumer feedback for all survey programs to achieve a long-term, positive impact on its customers and business.

By putting the customer at the center of everything they do, CVS Health is empowered to think differently with a heightened level of empathy. CVS Health quickly realized the value of a CLF program. It gave them the ability to perform prompt service recovery with unhappy customers—reducing churn and negative word-of-mouth— while inspiring and reinforcing preferred behaviors in happy ones, helping to increase brand loyalty and overall spend. The company now has the direct feedback and insights—at size and scale—to quickly identify and remedy pervasive issues and uncover new opportunities to improve and delight customers. 

In collaboration with Medallia, CVS Health is successfully using CLF, which creates a strong voice of the consumer (VoC) foundation to listen, learn, and act in impactful ways. This allows CVS Health to consistently deliver outstanding human-centered experiences across all of its brands at all levels of its organization, including the frontline. As a result, Net Promoter Scores (NPS) continue to increase, with some business units hitting all-time-high NPS scores.

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