Technology, Media and Telecoms

By the nature of the markets they serve, technology, media and telecommunications ventures constantly need to be innovating; sometimes driving user demand and other times responding to it. Crowdicity’s idea management software offers the tools to tap into the creativity, expertise and unique specialisms of your employees and customers to nurture a culture of continuous innovation that will keep your organisation one step ahead of the competition.

Crowdicity’s idea management software sits at the heart of innovation within some of the most progressive TMT organisations in the world. We help telecommunications businesses engage with their workforce and customers to drive transformational change in the way they position their products and provide customer services; We help major software companies to tap into the expertise of their employees to generate ideas for the improvement of existing products and the creation of new ones. And, as we’re also a TMT company, we know the importance of providing a service that is accessible in the cloud, on desktop and mobile and providing APIs that enable seamless integration with existing software systems, at scale.

By embedding Crowdicity in their co-creation and open innovation strategies, we’ve helped broadcasters and production companies around the world to discover and develop new program ideas and marketing strategies.

Benefits for technology, media and telecommunications organisations

  • Discover and develop new ideas, encouraging co-creation and collaboration by connecting your employees, customers, and partners to address challenges

  • Integrate innovation into the fabric of your culture

  • Break down hierarchical barriers by sharing the idea generation and development processes at every level of your organisation

  • Make innovation accessible to all