Healthcare organisations are rich in the quality and diversity of their people. Using Crowdicity’s idea management software you can tap into the unique knowledge, experience and insights of your employees, patients, suppliers and other stakeholders to discover the innovative ideas that will help you continuously improve the delivery of quality care.

Crowdicity was founded in the UK and we saw our first successes in helping NHS Trusts to drive their innovation agendas. Since then we’ve built up a great reputation in the NHS and also expanded our reach worldwide to help healthcare service providers in the fields of software for the Biotech/pharma industries, specialist pharmacies, managed care organisations as well as medical device manufacturers and specialised care providers.

We’re helping our customers to improve processes and products, reduce waste, and enhance how services are delivered - all leading to the continuous improvement of patient care and wellbeing.

Crowdicity makes contributing ideas part of your employees, patients, suppliers and stakeholders everyday experience, leading to increased collaboration and positive outcomes. You can find answers to your most pressing challenges and discover better ways of doing things by asking those on the frontline. Surface ideas that have previously been hidden away with no means of being heard.

Benefits for healthcare organisations:

  • Drive engagement in your innovation processes across your whole organisation and networks.

  • Link people with your Crowdicity Innovation Community wherever they work.

  • Share insights at all levels in your organisation.

  • Break down hierarchical barriers by giving everyone an equal voice in the ideas discovery and sharing process.

  • Nurture a culture of innovation within your organisation.