Crowdicity’s idea management software is used by all forms of government globally. National, regional, state, city and local government use Crowdicity to engage with employees, citizens, industry and broader stakeholder communities to inform policy, help with the creation and improvement of new services, and drive regeneration projects.

One of the highest profile uses of Crowdicity’s innovation platform was helping the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro crowdsource the city’s Olympic Legacy. By enabling the Government of Rio to connect with its citizens and ask them what they wanted the Olympic Legacy to be, they created a groundswell of goodwill within a previously divided community. Ideas have been directly translated into public policy that Rio’s community can both y relate to, and support.

Every day, somewhere in the world, Crowdicity is being used to help drive innovation within public transport and infrastructure; in the direction of policy and distribution of national research funding; in increasing the efficiency and accessibility of land registration, improving the systems of justice, and optimising delivery of local public services.

Benefits for government organisations

  • Provide an engaging and inclusive approach to public consultation

  • Improve the way your employees innovate together to deliver even better public services

  • Facilitate continuous citizen engagement to inform policy creation and delivery

  • Increase internal efficiency and collaboration

  • Broaden the level of accessible expertise and data

  • Increase transparency in service design and delivery