Education and Research

It’s no secret that the greatest asset of education and research organisations is the people within them. Crowdicity’s idea management platform provides the ideal space to connect and harness the knowledge and experience of employees, researchers, students and industry, at all levels, to drive innovation.

Crowdicity is used by universities and research organisations around the world to create challenges and pose questions to diverse audiences in order to gather insights and data. Crowdicity is underpinning the development of curriculum and helping to drive research in fields ranging from public policy to engineering, via business, law, psychology, medicine and the investigation of ageing.

Crowdicity provides the ideal platform to connect people with ideas and generate a dialogue across campus between, students, staff and researchers and industry to drive interdisciplinary collaboration around ideas. This often leads to the realisation of commercial potential.

Benefits for education and research organisations

  • Engage staff, students, researchers to stimulate  innovation amongst a diverse audience

  • Engage students via mobile platform, increasing participation and collaboration

  • Drive knowledge sharing by providing an innovation space connecting departments with industry experts

  • Apply research to solve challenges

  • Promote a culture of interdisciplinary co-creation and discovery