Construction, Engineering and Utilities

Increasing worldwide competition and fluid regulatory environments mean that, more than ever, construction, engineering and utility businesses need to innovate to maintain and grow their market share. Crowdicity’s idea management platform can help provide the necessary insights and data that drives informed improvements in your products and processes, at scale.

Crowdicity can help ensure innovation is at the core of your business strategy

Crowdicity is helping water and energy companies around the world to engage with thier employees and customers to improve product offerings and develop better customer experiences. Plant manufactures and distributors are using Crowdicity to improve processes and innovation in the development of new products and services. Petrochemical and metals companies are driving efficiencies in production and supply chain.

Crowdicity gives the construction, engineering and utility businesses the means to expand the search for usable knowledge and unlock the previously inaccessible expertise both internally and externally. With Crowdicity, you can continuously set challenges for your workforce, addressing problems and finding innovative solutions. With Crowdicity you can make innovation happen faster and at scale.

Benefits for construction, engineering and utilities based enterprises

  • Create a space where innovation happens locally and internationally in multiple geographic locations

  • Get to market with new products and services quicker

  • Collaborate across departments and teams, in multiple languages

  • Enable breakthrough thinking, and test and evaluate ideas quickly

  • Connect with your workforce, partners and suppliers, securely