Charity and NGOs

With an increasing number of organisations competing for funding and public support, charities and NGOs are having to find innovative ways to deliver and validate change. Crowdicity’s idea management software gives you the means to discover ideas and embed a culture of innovation at the heart of your operations, improving how you raise and distribute funds, how you communicate your activities, how you provide your services and how you work together as an organisation to deliver on your mission.

Crowdicity is helping charitable and non-government organisations to tap into the knowledge of their employees, funders, donors, supporters and beneficiaries to generate new ideas and drive innovation leading to greater impact at a local and global level. The Crowdicity idea management platform is used by organisations such as the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to run innovation competitions to find and fund startups that promote ecological good. We also help to embed a culture of innovation within charities and NGOs that deliver famine relief, help with homelessness, rescue services - all for the public good.

Benefits for Charities and NGOs

  • Create a culture of innovation within your organisation

  • Harness innovative new ideas for fundraising

  • Run innovation competitions to invest funds for maximum, sustainable impact

  • Capture ideas from a diverse community, globally

  • Prioritise ideas, solutions and projects

  • Engage with subject matter experts

  • Present a collaborative and transparent public forum