Brands and Consumer

The ability to continuously innovate is crucial to staying ahead of fierce competition in the brand, FMCG and retail sectors. Crowdicity’s idea management software allows access to both game-changing ideas and day-to-day insights from employees, consumers and partners.  Open up new markets, improve your existing market share, and increase brand awareness by connecting directly with the people that matter.

Crowdicity is used by some of the world’s largest brands and retailers to develop new products, discover new routes to market, create new marketing strategies via co-creation with consumers, test brand values and gather instant insights through the development of deeper conversations and collaboration with consumers and partners.

Benefits for brand and consumer-based businesses

  • Develop new product ideas and improve processes

  • Discover new routes to market

  • Reach and engage consumers and partners faster

  • Co-create marketing strategies, test brand values

  • Gather instant insights for continuous improvement

  • Create and benefit from deeper conversations about your brand

  • Drive efficiencies in manufacturing and supply chain