Powerful Moderation

Guide your crowd to successful outcomes with simple to use moderation tools


Assign moderators by challenge or community wide

You have total flexibility on the granting of permissions to your community moderators. Create community wide moderation teams or invite guest moderators for specific challenges.


Notify your community about the status of ideas

Tag the status of your ideas including; adopted, part-adopted, not adopted or create your own conditions. Maintain a highly motivated crowd by sharing the outcomes of your challenges. Communities respond positively when they know how things are progressing. Even if ideas are not adopted or partly adopted this feedback is a real stimulus to ongoing participation.  


Empower your users to aid in the moderation process

Spend more time doing the proactive community management tasks by allowing your users to be your eyes and ears; flagging up duplicate and off-topic ideas and notifying you of potentially inappropriate posts and abuse.


Fully control and manage the content generated by your community

From the reactive assessment and responding to reports of abuse, to the proactive coaching and rewarding of users; your moderators can monitor and guide all aspects of user generated content.


Assess and respond quickly to reports or abuse

Automatically quarantine, or flag reported material pending review. Receive instant notification of potential abuse from users in your community. Respond wherever you are through your mobile and ensure you deal with issues at pace.