Crowd Management

Find and mobilise your ideal internal or public crowd.

Get the right input from the right people: whoever they are

You can engage your employees as a private community or open up your crowd to a broader audience such as your customers, citizens, patients, focus groups and other stakeholders. It’s up to you. Crowdicity can be configured to accommodate all manner of engagement routes.


Find, target and onboard your crowd

Build your crowd with ease using Crowdicity’s powerful out the box tools; including: email list upload and management, customisable invites, request to join approval processes, integration with your existing user systems (such as SAML and MS Active Directory) or enterprise social tools such as Yammer and sign-up with existing social networks accounts including: Facebook, Twitter, Google and Linkedin.


Customise the profile of your crowd with tailored fields

Create your own unique fields to capture specific profile information from your crowd, tailoring exactly what personal information your users need to share.


Segment your crowd to focus and target specific users

Create groups based on your users expertise or function to get the best out of your crowd. You can apply different groups to different stages of your challenge process or assign particular challenges to specific groups of users.


Drive participation and make your crowd come back for more

Keep your crowd motivated and streamline user management with automated alerts, email notifications and preconfigured customisable event messages. Let users know when someone votes or comments on their ideas, if someone follows them, or if their idea is selected for implementation.